Live Drawing Events

For an upcoming project I need everyone to think of the bands you know personally, that play in the area. 

We want to hook up with bands on stage and put up a huge canvas or sheet of butcher paper behind the band. While they play music, we'll draw the sound or pictures of the musicians. 

This will give us a chance to put our drawing and painting skills to use, let band members experience a new kind of performance, and the audience will get a special treat. 

What can you do? Any/all of the following:

1) Get in contact with a band that is willing to join forces (even if just for one show) and set a day/time.
2) We'll need a giant canvas or butcher paper. If you have access to some or know someone that would be willing to donate, let me know.
3) We'll need paints, brushes and markers. If you have access to any that we could use or any that could be donated to the group let me know.

We hope to be involved in several Live Drawing Events and we want to start right away! Let me know if you can help.


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