Draw Night #4

Just a quick reminder that this Thursday is Draw Night #4 and you're not going to want to miss it!

~We'll be planning some upcoming projects and events (like drawing with live bands, painting murals, group exhibits and mask-making)
~We'll be doodling
~We'll be giving high fives like they're free!

See you at the Orem Library from 6-8 this Thursday in the Adult Wing!

-Jess Smiley
the Rocky Mountain Hallelujah Drawing Sensation!


Draw Night #2

Tuesday, January 13 from 6-8pm at the Orem Library. Meet in the adult wing on the main level.

Bring a sketchbook and your ideas for group projects! We'll be brainstorming and doodling.


Live Drawing Events

For an upcoming project I need everyone to think of the bands you know personally, that play in the area. 

We want to hook up with bands on stage and put up a huge canvas or sheet of butcher paper behind the band. While they play music, we'll draw the sound or pictures of the musicians. 

This will give us a chance to put our drawing and painting skills to use, let band members experience a new kind of performance, and the audience will get a special treat. 

What can you do? Any/all of the following:

1) Get in contact with a band that is willing to join forces (even if just for one show) and set a day/time.
2) We'll need a giant canvas or butcher paper. If you have access to some or know someone that would be willing to donate, let me know.
3) We'll need paints, brushes and markers. If you have access to any that we could use or any that could be donated to the group let me know.

We hope to be involved in several Live Drawing Events and we want to start right away! Let me know if you can help.



Draw Night I

Last night was a success! the Rocky Mountain Hallelujah Drawing Sensation! held it's first Draw Night at the Orem Library and we spent the night brainstorming and bouncing ideas off of each other.

I can't wait to get these projects started and make things happen.

Check out our Facebook group to see what's new and post your own ideas for projects, etc. 

Thanks to everyone that came out last night and see you next week!



Draw Night

Tonight is our first Draw Night! Come down to the Orem Library from 6-8pm---we'll be in the Adult Wing on the main level. 

See you there!



the Salt Lake Typo

Cameron Moll has made something worth mentioning. Click his name to see the Salt Lake Temple translated into typographic characters and printed on Provo's own slick letterpress

If anyone wants to check out Bjorn Studios let me know.  

P.S. Any other design geeks out there that want to know more about the process of designing and printing the poster click here.



Here is the Rocky Mountain Hallelujah Drawing Sensation!'s home on facebook. Join! I dare you!


You're Invited!

Every Change is Release

Aw, bugger. I'm so close to finishing the logo and sending out a worldwide message that we exist...but I've got to finish all my work first. Then desert. 
Later that night...

aha! Got it! The logo is up on the site and I think it looks all right. There was so much I wanted to put into it---so many symbols and suggestions of landmarks...I guess we'll cover those areas later sometime. I wanted a logo that said: this is about Utah and this is about Drawing. Think it does the trick?
-jess smiley

listening to: Bob Moss


Everything We Have Here in Utah

The last few days I've been working on the logo (still not quite there...) and solidifying what the group is all about. It's important for me to get the message out that we are about Utah and we are about making pictures. 

I've been able to take a few little walks through the snow and I'm just overwhelmed with everything we have here in Utah. Everything I've grown up with and have wanted to escape until recently... the landscapes! The lives of the seasons! The music! The Mormon culture! The locally owned and operated grocery stores and restaurants! What a great place to be. Forget New York---THIS is the place.

P.S. This is the first image that came up when I googled "Utah":

It's our very own Delicate Arch as seen on license plates through the driving world (it's from a website dedicated to demolition derbies).
-jess smiley


The Rocky Mountain Hallelujah Drawing Sensation

The Rocky Mountain Hallelujah Drawing Sensation has been a nice idea for a while, but come 2009 we'll be a full-fledged drawing club. Interested in joining? Send an email to jess.smiley@gmail.com
-jess smiley